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For that ones people that do not know RPG stands for Role Playing Game, and is the most played type of game nowadays.

You are the main hero, and also you interact with other characters also referred to as NPC-s ( or Non Playable Characters if you're playing single player). They are going to offer you quests to perform, plus you've got to accomplish them, to get experience and advance to increase levels.
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The storyline has got the main quest, which will end the game when finished, and often a great deal of side quests, that will help you develop your character. The side quests usually are not necessary, but will allow you to get deeper in the story and sometimes which is really worth it!

Most RPG games allow you to choose your type of character from the outset. Usually there are several types of characters, by using different attributes, but you will find three main categories to choose from: wizard, fighter and archer. These will require different names and attributes and will also be further more differentiated into subcategories, with respect to the game. As an example, the wizard can be specialized on several types of spells, like earth, water, dark magic, white magic, fire, lightning, nature.

How will you increase your character? Well this depends from game to game, but basically you might have :

-life, called life points in lots of games representing your quality of life

-mana, or mana points representing the wizardry point you've left( these point allow you to do spells, if you don't have them you will not have the ability to cast spells)

-stamina, also discovered by other names, with regards to the game, this represents the length of time you are able to run, of do special moves.

Besides these three there are many other primary attributes like:

-strength - representing the strength of your character, you need to put points here in case your character is often a fighter.

-dexterity -representing the dexterity of the character, usually necessary for archers.

- intelligence - representing the intelligence of your respective character, usually very important to wizards.

There may appear some more primary attributes depending on the game but don't worry they normally are explained!

Experience - this is heart of the game, and this (along with the story) will keep you in front of the computer for days! Basically, if you kill monsters you will get experience, there is also experience when you perform quests. This experience can be used to cultivate in level, causing you to stronger capable to fight with a growing number of monsters. Be careful the way you spend your experience, because inside the later the main game it's important to be strong so that you can finish the action. Usually it's best to select a distinct evolution at the beginning whilst it 'till the end of the game !

Ok, we've reached no more the beginning, hope I became capable of enlighten that you simply little with regards to the mysteries of RPG games. Help you partly two!

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